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PhD Students

  • Mustafa Uçar, (ongoing)
  • Uğur Şahin , (ongoing)
  • Muhammed Yılmaz , (ongoing)
  • Uğur Güdelek , (ongoing)
  • Mehmet Akif Akpınar , (ongoing)
  • Omer Berat Sezer, Graduation: May 2018
    Tez: Analysis and Optimization of Time Series Data with Deep Artificial Neural Networks: Financial Estimation Algorithms
  • Ayhan Akbaş, Graduation: April 2016
    Thesis Joint Optimization of Transmission Power Level and Data Packet Size for Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime Maximization. (Co-supervised with Bulent Tavli)

MSc Students

  • Mustafa Mert Keskin , (ongoing)
  • Baris Güney Özdilli , (ongoing)
  • Erdem Karaosmanoglu , (ongoing)
  • Furkan Koç , (ongoing)
  • Yasin Furkan Arslan , (ongoing)
  • Özgenil Meriç , (ongoing)
  • Izzet Baris Özturk , (ongoing)
  • Derviş Utku Ufuk, Graduation: March 2019
    Thesis: Performance Optimization of JPEG 2000 Decompression for Ground Observation Satellite Operations
  • Ugur Güdelek, Graduation: April 2019
    Thesis: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting: Deep Learning Approach
  • Aras Can Önal, Graduation: March 2019
    Thesis: MISIoT-Modular Intelligent Server Based Internet of Things Framework
  • Mustafa Sari, Graduation: December 2018
    Thesis: Classification of Turkish Documents using Deep Learning Techniques
  • Gökhan Küçükayan , Graduation: April 2016
    Thesis: Analysis of the Traffic Flow and Accidents with Big Data Algorithms
  • Jeyhun Karimov, Graduation: December 2015
    Thesis: Menu Optimization with Large-Scale Data
  • Ugur Sahin, Graduation: December 2014
    Thesis Parameter Optimization of Oscillator-based Technical Analysis Indicators Using Evolutionary Algorithms on Trend-normalized Financial Data.
  • Mustafa Uçar, Graduation: August 2014
    Thesis: Developing a Two Level Option Trading Strategy based on Option Pair Optimization of Spread Strategies with Evolutionary Algorithms.
  • Ilknur Bayram, Graduation: August 2014
    Thesis: Three Level Covered Call Options Trading Model Optimized with Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Fatih Arikan, Graduation: August 2014
    Thesis: A Multi Agent System Model for Company Selection Process for an Ontology based Virtual Enterprise
  • Hatice Tombul, Graduation: August 2013
    Thesis: Computational Intelligence Models for Particle Direction and Velocity Estimation in Multi-Phase Flows.
  • Recep Bozer, Graduation: August 2011
    Thesis: Estimation of the Expected Loss from a Forest Fire by Geographical and Meteorological Parameters using Artificial Intelligence Methods
  • Umur Erkut, Graduation: August 2010
    Thesis: Selection of Technical Analysis Indicator for Optimizing Portfolio Performance with Genetic Algorithms
  • Hüsnü Ertan Yüksel, Graduation: July 2010
    Thesis: Estimation of Flow Properties in Eccentric Annulus using Digital Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence Techniques
  • Gökay Gökser Gül, Graduation: December 2009
    Thesis: Object Extraction from Real Time Video Image and an Automated Object Tracking Application
  • Istemihan Sakir Kök, Graduation: June 2009
    Thesis: An Indoor Localization System
  • Zeynep Aydiner, Graduation: June 2009
    Thesis: Estimating Flow Control with Genetic Programming
  • Ismet Bahadir, Graduation: August 2008
    Thesis: Stock Market Forecasting based on Bayesian Decision Theory and Artificial Neural Networks
  • Veli Mert Altas, Graduation: June 2007
    Thesis: Extracting the features of Drilling Foams with Image Processing Techniques and Data Analysis using Artificial Neural Networks

BSc Students

  • Nehir Idil Yüksel , (ongoing)
  • Halil Alperen Tahta , (ongoing)
  • Oguz Can Erbay , (2020)
  • Furkan Dolasık , (2020)
  • Mustafa Mert Keskin , (2018-2019)
  • Omer Seker , (2018-2019)
  • Esref Oguzhan Yıldırım , (2016-2017)
  • Büsra Karatay, (2016-2017)

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